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My first post spreading the anti-geek message around the world.… - The Anti-Geek Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
ANTI- GEEKS --- For LJ users who HATE GEEKS!!!!!!

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[Apr. 21st, 2004|08:28 pm]
ANTI- GEEKS --- For LJ users who HATE GEEKS!!!!!!


[mood |angryangry]

My first post spreading the anti-geek message around the world. Oooh-ee.

Well, I have one (of many) stories about geeks in my life. There is a certain student, who will remain anonymous, at my school, who decided it would be fashionable or something to wear this navy-blue beret-type hat. He then proceeded to wear it for about a week. Well, this hat was perhaps the most geekiest thing I have seen, which was made worse by the fact that the person wearing is also a geek. It took a lot of mental strength to refrain from hitting him...

Damn those geeks, causing eyesores at school, and walking around like they are popular enough to be different!

[User Picture]From: sq88
2005-03-06 01:36 am (UTC)

Re: ~sigh~

Oh, the good ole nature/nurture theory - - heard it so often in my soc class last sem, heh. Aww, but i so miss the discussions. Go benovian Chimps!(. . .or whatever those sexy chimps names were)

I would argue that it's mostly nurture for the child would be learning to adapt to it's environment's social scheme so it would follow Bandura's role model theory in first copying the parent(s) then building on that based on it's peers. (all children will be refered to as ITs HaHAHA!!!)

I also find the parents in this small town are quite clique-ish, jugmental, and into everyone's business. It seems as if the ole "familiarity breeds contempt" quote is being proved true 'cause everyone knows each other's secrets and the old decent gossip would be to spead them around, whoop!

Of course then there's other outside factors like the popular "power corupts and absolute power corupts absolutely" which is, GeNeRaLlY (NOT always) true. An interesting quip on tv was saying slavery actually (i)made(/i) the white masters bad people for it allowed them to beleive beating the slaves was an acceptable release of tension, that they (white) were superior, etc etc. But yeah, that's a whole 'nuther discussion.

Oh yeas, #5 was lovely - yet harsh in the end with the "slasher" moments. Stop scratching your tummy box. . HeHeHe. I elect you my new playmate.
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[User Picture]From: tall_one10
2005-03-07 08:36 pm (UTC)

Re: ~sigh~

Fortunately I never did take a sociology course, though the nature vs. nurture stuff certainly did seem to overflow into other courses. I'm not sure that 'sexy' is a term I'd use to describe any chimp, though. :P

I've never lived in a small community, so I only know the small-town social 'climate' from cliched books, movies, tv, stereotypes, and all those other wonderfully truthful things, though I would imagine you would get to know one another pretty well after a while. Being in a city does have its advantages. You can dissappear and it could take years for your next door neighbour to notice. I probably know half the people on my street, if that. But people are still judgmental, clique-ish and into each other's business in the city. Kids here are still nasty, irrational and quick to judge. I think that part's just natural to most people, then it's reinforced by society.

I doubt slavery 'made' the white masters bad. They had to want to own slaves, then mistreat them, to begin with. Once it became acceptable practice, yes, it did become easy to just follow along. Thus, people are sheep.

I like all the Salad Fingers. Maybe not number 3. That one was a different disturbing.
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